Beth Dugan


Voice is key when telling any story. What is the voice of your company?

I'm a writer and editor living in Chicago.

I tell stories to elevate your inbound marketing game. Good storytelling is at the heart of what I do, no matter if it is writing a blog post or analyzing data for a case study.


Do you need a partner? A fresh set of eyes?
A workhorse? 
Let's figure it out together.


Website Copy

Your website is your first impression and a supported, well-written website is your best tool on the Internet. Strong keywords and conversational language are the basics, but you need to get beyond that. What is your business's voice? What information do your customers need and want? 

Product Marketing

Product marketing sits at the intersection of product, sales and marketing. It can have an enormous impact but can be a little tough to define. I can help you with positioning and messaging, customer personas and creating content to support any products you have or are launching. Most importantly, I can get all that good information out of the heads of your SMEs and put it to good use in marketing to attracting customers. 

…all the other word needs

Weirdly enough, I'm trained as a fiction writer, and I know how to tell a great story. Need something else written? Speeches? White paper? Case Study? Articles for a trade magazine? I'm your writer. 
Give me a shout! I'd love to hear about your business and project and see if I can help you achieve your goals.