Beth Dugan


Fresh Words

Crafted Daily.

Good storytelling is at the heart of what I do.
I have told stories in the non-profit, start-up, SaaS, hospitality, consulting and publishing industries. 


Read What Clients Say:

“I have always said that I wanted to be Beth Dugan when I grew up. Why? Because she is brilliant, articulate and funny with the largest vocabulary I have ever encountered. Not only is she an eminently capable writer and overall professional, but she is a generous and considerate human being. Anyone who does business with Beth can attest to that fact.” 

Becky Sarwate
Sales Communication Manager, TransUnion

"In the time I worked with Beth Dugan...she proved herself to be an accurate writer and editor, a remarkably rapid and self-sufficient learner, and extremely generous with her knowledge. She consistently earned the trust and cooperation of the development staff, helping her in meeting tight deadlines in a highly variable environment. Preceding me at Signal, any success I might have enjoyed was due, in large part, to Beth's unselfish guidance upon my arrival." 

John Rosberg
Technical Writer,
Fusion Risk Management

“Professional, communicable, responsive, clear in guidelines and expectations, and willing to be equally kind with criticism and praise. A true professional and a model editor. If every editor were like Beth freelancing would be a sustainable career option for me.”